Caring Physician & Midwife Campaign

Physicians & Midwives are the heart of CMH!

A message from your campaign Co-Chairs…

As care providers, we want the very best for our patients and their families. To ensure this, we must have access to the very best tools in order to continue to provide exceptional care and make informed treatment decisions for those who seek our care each and every day.  

The reality of healthcare in Ontario is that individuals and communities must support their hospital with financial donations to fund equipment and technology. CMH has asked the Foundation for an investment of $5M annually for new and replacement equipment and they need our help.

There is no doubt that your support is noticed and sends a strong message to our staff and community – inspiring others to invest in CMH. Like us, we’re sure you see the value in giving back and are committed to improving the quality of life for everyone in our Region.

Our collective participation in the Caring Physician and Midwife Campaign is paramount for the continued growth and modernization of our hospital. Your donations help to provide better patient care, improve outcomes and contribute greatly to the health of our community.

We are proud to support this initiative and invite you to join us in making an investment in CMH. Together, we make it possible. 

Dr. Iqbal H. Biswas, Anaesthetist                       
Campaign Co-Chair & Ambassador
i[email protected]
Dr. Heather MacLeod, Surgeon
Campaign Co-Chair & Ambassador
[email protected]

P.S. If you have any questions or want to know your cumulative giving level feel free to contact Kathy Wilson at ext. 2440 [email protected]



Dr. Iqbal Biswas
Dr. Heather MacLeod


Dr. Arthur Eugenio
Dr. Sharon Bal
Dr. Augustin Nguyen
Dr. Winnie Lee
Dr. Anjali Sharma
Dr. Glynn Martin
Dr. Jeremy Green
Dr. Manju Rajguru
Dr. Jasmine Mathew
Dr. Ingrid Radovanovic
Dr. Mekalai Kumanan
Dr. Anita Bane
Dr. Laura Puopolo
Dr. Upener Mehan
Mrs. Corine Witteveen            
Dr. Mike Lawrie

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