A Witness to Decades of Change and Growth

I’m proud to have been a part of this hospital for forty years. I have seen so many changes here, and where we are now is beyond impressive. I still remember when the first CT scanner came, when the MRI went online, and all the various upgrades that were needed along the way. Support like yours helped improve how we care for our patients through updated equipment and technology.

I’ve also been a spokesperson for the hospital, and as a medical leader I’ve actively participated in fundraising campaigns. I have seen firsthand how incredibly generous this community is and the difference it has made to patient care.

As a doctor at CMH, and with my family living in Cambridge, our community needs a first class hospital to provide the services we need. I also realize that it’s due to our community’s generosity that physicians, nurses and staff have the necessary tools available to them. 

I want to ensure that without a doubt our hospital continues to have the support, and technology to provide exceptional care to our community. I want a hospital that has the best possible equipment available. I’ve seen great improvements in healthcare over the years, and I know that the technology will only continue to advance.  When I was younger, people would be in hospital for 5–7 days after surgeries. Today, many patients go home the same day to rest and heal in comfort. These advances only happen with upgraded equipment.

I have always believed that part of what we earn should be recycled by giving back. The more you have, the more you owe is my personal motto. It is the intention of my wife and I to continue with annual gifts as well as leaving a legacy gift in our wills for Cambridge Memorial. I’m happy to pay it forward for others. 

“I have always believed that part of what we earn should be recycled by giving back.”

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