Appeal – A Message from Patrick Gaskin


At Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH), we strive each and every day to care for one another. CMH patients/families, volunteers, staff, and donors, make me feel a profound sense of gratitude. This gratitude is a reflection of our shared commitment to Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

CMH holds a special place in my heart, not just as a place of healing but as part of my personal history.

My mother passed away last year, after a life well lived. In a real sense CMH was my mother’s Hospital. She spent her formative years in the Community, and her experiences with the Hospital have left a lasting imprint. Her connection to CMH has always had a powerful influence on me.

To me, CMH represents a place where her values of care and compassion are deeply rooted. My mother’s spirit and teachings remind me daily of our goal to provide compassionate, high-quality healthcare, just as it was provided to her and our Community in those early days.

Your generous support is instrumental in funding vital equipment. While donors are not directly present in a surgical suite or by the bedside, you are crucial to the services we provide each day.

The connection between you, our donor, and the essential tools our staff needs to deliver high-quality patient care is undeniable. This is why I ask you to consider a gift to help us continue to deliver this vital care.

When I reflect on what guides me, I think of my mother. I also think about the stories of care and compassion within these walls. From heartfelt exchanges in our corridors to the exemplary efforts of our staff, it’s clear that people are at the heart of everything we do.

At CMH, the well-being of our staff is paramount. As we strive to provide exceptional patient care, we understand that we must first care for those who deliver it. Focusing on our staff ensures they can give their best to our patients every day. This means having the equipment that allows them to do their work more efficiently or make a diagnosis sooner. It is fundamental to their day-to-day efforts. It’s a commitment I hold dear and one that you, our donors, make possible through your financial support.

What fills me with pride at CMH are the daily moments of care and excellence. This includes our staff’s focus on patient well-being, our strong community partnerships, and being accredited with ‘Exemplary Standing’ by Accreditation Canada. As donors, it is your support that makes these achievements possible, underscoring the critical role your contributions play in enhancing our quality of care.

Healthcare can never be perfect, but each day we grow and achieve great things caring for thousands of people every year – be it a hip replacement, an emergency visit, or the joy of a newborn.

At CMH life unfolds everyday with all its challenges and triumphs. Described to me as a place of first hellos and last goodbyes, our Hospital is truly an integral part of our lives.

Looking forward, CMH is poised for significant advancements. Completing Wing B construction is a major step in enhancing our ability to serve the
Community with advanced facilities. This isn’t just growth in size. It’s about creating a more accessible, inclusive, comprehensive, and safer healthcare environment.

CMH is also the first Hospital in the province to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our services, AI will assist in monitoring bone density and reviewing X-rays for osteoporosis patients and others. AI is a major advancement in healthcare and follow-up care.

These developments reflect our dedication to innovation and adapting to our Community’s needs. Achieving these goals, however, depends on your continued support. Your contributions are vital in sustaining our progress and ensuring we have the resources to embrace these technological advancements.

With this in mind, I encourage you to renew your support with a generous gift. Your commitment enables us to keep pace with these changes and continue to provide exceptional care.

Cambridge is not just where I work; it’s my Community. A Community that I am deeply connected to and care about. With all the rapid changes occurring, my resolve to serve only deepens. Cambridge is growing and evolving and with it, so does the need for our services.

As we face an aging population, welcome new residents, care for individuals with complex mental and physical health issues – the need to adapt and provide top-notch healthcare increases. This is why your support is essential. It ensures that CMH remains equipped with the latest technology, and the best equipment while attracting highly trained medical professionals to meet these evolving needs.

I invite you to make a profound impact today with a contribution. Your support is more than a donation; it is a lifeline that enables us to provide the best possible care to you and your loved ones, right here, close to home.

CMH is strong because of our Team and our Team includes YOU, our donor family. This unity makes us stronger. You are an essential link in the chain that connects us.

In heartfelt appreciation for your continued partnership, I thank you. Together, we will keep building a community-centred healthcare system that stands ready for whatever the future holds.

Warm regards,

Patrick Gaskin
President and CEO, Cambridge Memorial Hospital

P.S. Your commitment cannot be overstated. Your support ensures that CMH remains a pillar of accessible, high-quality healthcare in Southern Ontario.

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