Internal- Gift Agreement

INTERNAL - Recognition - Gift Agreement

To provide staff team an automated, web-based way to initiate recognition and pledge entries into our database, and output in a spreadsheet if required.
  • Process Summary

    Once the fundraiser completes this Gift Agreement and Recognition form and it is submitted the following steps are required to be completed by the fundraiser. 1. Scan the gift agreement and save to: a) the Fund Agreement folder AND b) the Donor’s Folder on J: AND c) attach it to the NXT record as an Attachment 2. Give the original Gift Agreement to the Controller
  • Who is the gift agreement with? Individual, organization, couple or family?
  • Please provide any additional contact information not already in RE. ie. email, alternate phone number.
  • Primary Constituent Record, where gift and recognition should be recorded.
  • Either current or to be added.
  • New funds expected with this agreement and/or past funds received towards this agreement.
  • (If applicable)
  • This information is typically on the Fund Agreement/Gift Agreement. Timing (date) and Payment ($ value)
  • Is this gift in honour or in memory of someone? If yes, please provide name and constituent ID#.
  • Does this gift need to be soft credited to anyone? If yes, please provide the name/organization and constituent ID# so the relationship can be added and the soft credit applied.
  • Links to Business, spouse, other family, that should be connected in Raisers Edge. Please provide constituent ID#'s. Please provide who the primary contact will be.
  • Per the donor agreement. (Ie. John & Mary Smith and Penelope Martin-Smith, or Smith Family, or In Honour of John Smith)
  • Refer to Policy 7 - Donor Recognition Signing Standard - Appendix C for more details.
  • ie. A.4.123, Waiting Room, Special Care Nursery Department
  • Is this a CaringFAMILY or CaringBUSINESS?
  • Please provide specific naming recognition. Also used for CaringBUSINESS glass award.
  • Where does this new commitment place this donor, at what level, if applicable? ($25K minimum, cumulative gifts). You can find their current listing under Custom Fields/Attributes, Donor Wall - .............. Closing date for Wall levels is gifts processed by Dec 31. Wall updated Jan/Feb annually.
  • Sometimes different. (ie. John & Mary Smith)
  • Used to determine direct mail solicitations and stewardship peices.
  • Person filling out this form!
  • Next Steps:

    Once you click submit on this form you will receive a thank you prompt to indicate your submission was successful. An email will automatically be sent to the following people; Data Management & Operations Support (Cherylynn), Annual Program (Ines), Controller (Karen) and Data Entry (Terry) in order to alert them that a Gift Agreement has been received and they will follow their process.
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