arrival of Spect-CT

Arrival of SPECT-CT for Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine sub-department of Diagnostic Imaging received an important delivery on February 20, a new Siemens Symbia Pro.SpectaX3, also called a SPECT CT. 

Currently, the department has been using a Gamma Camera together with a CT Scanner. The advantage to the new SPECT CT is that it can do both, integrating a 64-slice CT system with a Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera! 

This allows our talented Nuclear Medicine Technologists to image patients for cardiology and general nuclear medicine studies, as well as standalone diagnostic CT scans as backup, if required.

Having both options during the same imaging session allows for a more direct comparison between CT and nuclear medicine images while improving the accuracy of the exam. The machine is being installed in the newly renovated Nuclear Medicine department which has the space to accommodate this state-of-the-art technology. 

The SPECT CT was also chosen because it allows for improved image quality as it provides attenuation correction, a mechanism that removes soft tissue artifacts from images. Through the use of this technology, the Nuclear Medicine team will be better positioned to demonstrate organ function, and disease processes and enhance treatment plans, furthering patient care at CMH. 

Our Nuclear Medicine team officially moved into their new space on February 24!

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