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I’ve called Cambridge home for most of my life. The neighbourhoods, the people, the sense of community – are all very important to me. Cambridge will always be my hometown.

Like everywhere else, our community looks different this year. But what strikes me is how we’re all adapting to new ways of connecting with each other and going about our lives. That’s especially true in my role as a frontline worker at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH).

I’ve been a nurse for 32 years and a proud CMH employee for 29 of those years. My passion for communication and collaboration led me to my current role as a Clinical Educator – teaching new nurses in an ever-changing environment.

At CMH, we strive to provide exceptional care to patients, and I’m proud to share our patient-centred approach with the next generation of nurses.

CMH constantly strives to make sure every patient’s voice is heard. In fact, our Patient and Family Advisory Council Chairperson was recognized internationally with the 2020 Patient Experience Innovation Award, for the work being done to involve patients in the co-design of care.  

At Cambridge Memorial Hospital patients rely on us to provide them with our very best. As a CMH supporter, can I count on you to make a donation today so we can continue to offer outstanding healthcare close to home?

Because all hospital equipment is funded through the generosity of our community, your gift will be used to purchase lifesaving equipment and this will allow CMH to continue to adapt to the needs of individuals in our care.

An example of a piece of equipment purchased through the generosity of our community is a video guided tool called a Glidescope. When patients need urgent help to breathe, we insert a breathing tube. To do this safely, we rely on a Glidescope to help us visualize the airway. Sophisticated technology like the Glidescope is not an option. It is necessary to save lives. Donations from the community help purchase all of our equipment.

As an educator, my colleagues and I often reflect on the simple, yet significant moments that have touched us. These moments are a huge part of what makes CMH an incredible place. The little things we do to adapt to change have a real impact.

Recently I was called to help with a procedure on a young patient. On top of his complex medical issues, he was possibly infected with COVID-19.

I walked into the room, covered head to toe in protective gear, and introduced myself. I could tell he was trying to be brave. I reviewed proper procedures with the nursing team and attempted to reassure him and calm his fears. As I was leaving, he asked if he could see my badge. I held my small ID card up to him, thinking he wanted to know what my title was.  

“Thanks,” he said, “I just wanted to see your face.” His words shook me.

That moment reminded me how important it is for patients to connect with the person caring for them. It also reminded me that, as the world around us changes, listening to our patients is how we keep learning and adapting. The very next week, staff members began wearing large, laminated photos of themselves. A small change, with a big impact on how we do things.

It is through donations from donors like you, that all of us on the frontlines know that you are thinking of us and believe in the importance of healthcare. You can make an incredible difference to the CMH team and all the patients in our care.

We can’t predict what’s coming or what the future will bring, but we’re committed to be as prepared as possible so we can continue to offer exceptional healthcare.

Your generosity makes that care possible. Thank you.


Vera Heldmann

Clinical Educator in Intensive Care, Medicine A and Medicine B Units

P.S. Your giving inspires all of us at CMH. Please donate generously to Cambridge Memorial Hospital today.

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