Questions for CMH Champions

  • THANK YOU for attending our photo shoot. Please help us highlight our CMH Champions – the people behind the smiling photos – people like YOU!

    You have already helped us out by having your photo taken. These photos will appear on various Foundation marketing materials in the coming months or in the future, both internally and/or externally. We are requesting one more thing from you, but we would like to reward you for your cooperation! Participants who complete the following ‘get to know you’ questions will each receive their very own CMH Champions swag (such as a T-shirt or other item). Everyone who volunteers, attends events, donates, and represents CMH, are all CMH Champions. We will be highlighting Champions especially in the month of October, when we celebrate gratitude and pride for CMH. Thank you for lending us your smiling face to engage other Champions!
  • Complete these 8 questions to receive your CMH Champion Swag item:

  • And…you're done! Thank you so much for helping us build stories to go with our photos, by sharing your answers and allowing us to share them with others. Thank you for your continued support as a CMH Champion!

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