Melanie’s Story…Honour Someone Special

Even though I’ve lived in this community for 18 years, I had no idea that Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) offered such exceptional care. Until they saved my life.

Friends and colleagues were quick to recommended hospitals all over Ontario. But the first surgeon that I met after my diagnosis told me that if I was looking for the best possible care, there was no need to look further than right here at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. And she was absolutely right.

From diagnosis, to surgery to follow-up treatments, even during unexpected complications, the team at CMH was phenomenal in every single way. And it’s because of you, that all of the equipment needed to provide me with care was available.

Thank you for your generous and ongoing support. I hope this holiday season you will once again give to Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s Trees of Caring campaign by purchasing lights or possibly even a string of lights to help fund lifesaving equipment.

I was grateful for the swiftness and thoroughness of the nurses, doctors and surgeons at CMH. Only two months after I discovered the lump, I was wheeled into the operating room for a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

Very unexpectedly, the day after my seven-and-a-half-hour surgery, the area around my right breast suddenly turned purple and began to swell. The surgeon responsible for my breast reconstruction came to check on me and immediately knew what was happening – a dangerous blood clot. I was taken back to the operating room.

Then three weeks after surgery, I met with my general surgeon and I admit, I was afraid of what the news would be. But she took my hand and gave me the best news I’d ever received, “We got it all. You are cancer-free.”

My cancer journey at CMH is not unique. People are newly diagnosed each and every day and like mine, their lives will change forever. It is because of the amazing care at CMH that I’m looking forward to living a long cancer-free life.

Throughout all my tests and treatments at CMH, everyone was kind, patient and professional. They answered every question I had and I never felt rushed. In fact, they made me feel like I was the only person who mattered at that moment.

My family and I are making a gift to Trees of Caring this year in honour of the staff and doctors at CMH that took care of me.

Whether it’s for cancer, heart disease or any other illness my hope is that everyone receives the same compassion and lifesaving care that a supportive community made possible for me.

With gratitude,

Melanie McCallum
Grateful Patient

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