Legacy Donor Why choosing to leave a CMH gift in her will was important to Carman Curtis

For over five years, Carman Curtis has volunteered each week in Medical Day Care as a resource for people with cancer. She speaks to patients about the services available from HopeSpring – a partner organization for Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Recently, Carman let us know that she had named the hospital, along with several other organizations that were important to her, in her will. 

“As a young girl, I remember the barbeques my father would have in our backyard to support his local Rotary Club. These early lessons in giving back taught me about volunteerism and charity and instilled in me values that I have lived my entire life.”

After living in Montreal and Vancouver as a young person, Carman has always appreciated the small town feel of Cambridge. She quickly built a network of friends including a few that worked at CMH. Their passion for the hospital inspired her to give originally. After having her daughter Leona at CMH 37 years ago and a more recent knee surgery, Carman was impressed with the care she received not only from the doctors and nurses but all of the staff who looked after her. 

Carman speaks of all that she has to be grateful for in her life, noting with a smile “I have lived comfortably and saved and invested well and now I’m in the position where I am able to give back. I give of my time and my treasure because I can and because I believe in supporting the community where I live and where I raised my family”.

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