Monica Loberto

Monica Loberto speaks about why giving back is important

Both our daughters were born at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and we have visited the Emergency Department several times throughout the years. Each time, we have been impressed with the compassion and expertise the staff demonstrated while treating us.

Giving back to the community is important to us and the hospital is the one institution that every Cambridge resident will eventually benefit from, whether for themselves or for a loved one.

Becoming a Caring Family was a way for us to help our community directly. We all need a local hospital with the best resources available for those in the community facing a health crisis. Through Angelo’s work on both the CMH and the CMHF Boards, and my involvement as a CMH Volunteer, we learned that the community is 100% responsible for funding all equipment requirements and therefore our donations would be used to specifically benefit our hospital.

Through our volunteer work at the hospital we can see the direct result of our contributions. There is a new building under construction, there are new patient rooms being created and there is new equipment being purchased. When we speak to our children about giving back, we can point to these advancements and show our girls how giving helps the community at large.

Inspired by our example, we are thrilled that we are now seeing our daughters also involved with charitable giving by leading fundraising school activities and requesting donations for lieu of birthday presents.

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