photo of digital screen

Our Digital Donor Wall is now Live!

A New Way to Recognize and Honour CMH Donors

As donors, your support means the world to us, and allows us to serve our Community with the best tools and equipment possible. 

As our Hospital becomes a more modern facility, the way that we celebrate giving is changing as well. After a short period of construction, we are excited to introduce our new digital donor wall, consisting of 8 large display screens, in the place of our former glass donor wall. 

This new digital wall allows the Foundation to recognize an infinite number of donors and provide more frequent updates. It also provides a digital canvas on which to share the impact of staff and community giving, as well as share grateful patient and donor videos with all who frequent our Main Lobby.  

Drop by the Hospital someday soon to have a look, or contact one of our staff for a personal tour!

519-740-4966 [email protected]

All current name listings included on the former glass wall have carried over to this new format, and have been updated with new donors that meet giving criteria up to January 31, 2024. 

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