Thank you, Lilah, Poppy-Lo and Wiseman Family

Meet Lilah and Poppy-Lo Wiseman who dedicated their birthday gifts, for the second time, to Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s Labour & Delivery and Paediatric units in memory of their sibling.

This tremendous act of  gratitude was inspired by their parents, Sean and Rebecca, who wanted to teach their children the powerful impact donations and showing gratitude can have- especially in healthcare. Nurses like Briar McCann,  provided exceptional patient centred care to Rebecca, something the family is forever grateful for and what triggered the family’s desire to donate in their son’s memory. The Wiseman family believes that ‘giving back to your local hospital, through toy donations and fundraising can be a family affair, and that it is paramount to show gratitude to these essential health care workers!’

One of the toys donated went immediately into the hands of a young patient who enjoyed the distraction during his appointment at CMH. Thank you to the Wiseman Family!

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