Diagnostic Services

What makes CMH’s Diagnostic
Services Distinct?

As the backbone that supports patient care in all other programs at CMH our Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Department plays a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. With a growing group of radiologists, pathologists, and technologists, we utilize a wide range of high-tech equipment such as Analysers, MRIs, CT Scans, Ultrasound, Microscopes, X-rays, and Nuclear Medicine to image, analyze, assess, consult, diagnose and treat a wide variety of health issues. Access to the latest equipment that provides the best image clarity and accuracy is a necessity for our high-demand and busy Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services Programs.

Programs Details

We provide a lifetime of healthcare from prenatal to seniors’ care. Our Laboratory processes 1.2 million samples annually and Diagnostic Imaging performs over 105,000 exams per year, resulting in over 500,000 images. Inpatients and community members can access Diagnostic Services. CMH is the only facility in Cambridge and North Dumfries offering nuclear medicine, CT, MRI, and biopsies.

Our efficient Diagnostic Imaging Team delivers some of the best wait times in the region for MRI, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, CT Scans and other imaging. Our Laboratory Team consistently earns 100% compliance ratings on the Quality Management Facility Report, a measure of pathology quality in
Ontario labs.

CMH’s strong culture of quality and quality improvement ensures patients and their physicians receive accurate and timely test results. This allows for quicker diagnosis, giving our team the knowledge required to initiate treatment and provide improved outcomes.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Team of over 50 highly skilled radiologists and technologists offers a broad scope of knowledge and experience that sets CMH apart. With expertise in brain, stomach, liver and breast care they provide expert diagnostics close to home.

Our Laboratory Team of 50 offers core lab testing in chemistry, hematology, transfusion medicine, and our histology and pathology programs support all surgical programs.

We partner with Family Physicians to play an important role within patients’ circle of care. We are the first hospital in the province to introduce a real-time paperless eReferral system so Family Physicians can easily and efficiently order tests, and consult on results.

Investing in Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services touch patients in all areas of the hospital and throughout our community. Having access to the best technologies available offers image clarity for our Diagnostic Services professionals to accurately diagnose and treat patients quickly and provide exceptional care for enhanced patient outcomes. Below are some examples of new and replacement equipment used to provide patient care, and their associated cost.

Patient Care Partners

Emergency Department
All Clinical Programs
Family and Community Physicians
Fracture Clinic


Wing B, Level 1
Nuclear Medicine

Wing C, Level 1

Staff Leaders

Chief of Staff and Chief of Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Winnie Lee

Chief of Laboratory/Pathology
Dr. Jacqueline Bourgeois

Deputy Chief of Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Inga Isupov

Manager of Diagnostic Imaging / Diagnostic Cardiac Services
Kimberly Rose

Manager, Laboratory Medicine
Hayley Hamilton

Guiding our patient care pathway.

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