What makes CMH’s Medicine Program Distinct?

The Medicine Program is CMH’s largest inpatient program and the core of care. Medicine, also known as general internal medicine, provides assessment, diagnosis, stabilization and treatment of a wide range of acute health issues. Our multi-disciplinary teams of physicians and specialists bridge the gap from hospital to community with the goal to empower patients to live their best lives. We work in partnership with, and support primary care (Family) physicians, community care partners, patients and their families. This unique synergy and collaboration surrounds patients and their families with expertise and support through comprehensive quality health care that’s accountable, nimble and innovative.

Programs Details

Cambridge Memorial Hospital CaringPrograms 6 CMH’s Medicine Program offers multi-disciplinary best in class care for a wide range of illness and disease in concert with our primary care partners in Family Medicine and Community Medicine. This results in efficient and effective care transition from the community to hospital, and back to community for our patients and their families.

We offer a variety of care beginning with general internists who triage patients and can call on sub-specialty physicians as needed. This complement of specialists and specialty care allows patients, including those with complex health issues and palliative care, to receive expert care locally.

CMH’s sub-specialties continue to expand and includes eighteen specialists in oncology (cancer); nephrology (kidney); respirology (lung); gastro-enterology (digestive system); hematology (liver); intensive care (ICU); neurology (nervous system); and infectious diseases.

Each year, we average 45,000 patient (overnight) stay days. That’s an average of approximately 123 patients receiving our care and expertise nightly in the Medicine Inpatient Unit.

Our expanded program offerings and local expertise including patient education and disease management to vastly improve patient care, outcomes and quality of life.

Examples include:

  • The new Liver Health Regional Centre of Excellence that serves the complex needs of liver patients locally up to and including pre and post-transplant care.
  • A new Rapid Access Medical Outpatient Clinic located within the Emergency Department directly refers patients to internists, resulting in quicker, direct and efficient care referrals.
  • Specialty clinics include Neurology, Community Medicine, Infectious Disease and Oncology Clinics.
  • Outpatient clinics such as Seniors, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Pain, and Diabetic Education Clinics.

Our Family Medicine practitioners maintain a Community Surgical Assist Group to provide valuable surgical assistance to CMH surgeons after hours and on weekends for emergency surgeries.

All Wing B Medicine Inpatient rooms are currently being refurbished to today’s exacting patient care standards. Once complete each room will provide updated patient amenities and comforts like those found in our new Wing A.

Investing in Medicine Services

CMH’s Medicine Program provides innovative, compassionate care to a wide variety of patients and their often chronic health issues. We work with patients, their families, Family physician and Community care to educate, manage and treat a broad range of illnesses and disease, as well as the complex care that often results. Medicine handles high patient numbers and a remarkable diversity of health issues. We need access to a wide range of specialized tools and equipment to investigate, assess, diagnose and treat patients and continue to attract the best, brightest specialists to CMH.

Patient Care Partners

Diagnostic Imaging
Emergency Department
Oncology Rehabilitation


Wing A, Level 2
Medicine Inpatient Unit

Wing B, Level 2
Medicine Inpatient Unit
(under redevelopment)

Staff Leaders

Chief of Medicine
Dr. Augustin Nguyen

Chief of Internal Medicine
Dr. Jennie Legassie

Improving lives through care, innovation and collaboration.

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