Spotlight MRI

Thank You.

Because of our community of donors, we’ve exceeded our $5 Million goal to bring a new MRI to CMH.

A new MRI is coming to CMH, bringing improved imaging clarity for accurate diagnosis and local access to MRI. This means that patients can begin treatments and recovery sooner, close to home.

Since it’s launch in 2022, Spotlight MRI has been embraced by our Community, allowing us to exceed our fundraising goal earlier than anticipated. We are truly grateful for every donation received, each event attended and all of the ways that our Community supports our Hospital.

The Hospital is now actively working toward the purchase and installation of a new MRI for our newly expanded, state-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging Department.

A new MRI for CMH will:

  • Improve imaging clarity for accurate diagnosis. Patients can begin the right treatments, sooner, for faster recoveries.
  • Help reduce wait times and improve local access to MRI.
  • Continue to attract bright medical minds in our community.
  • Maintain CMH’s strong Diagnostic Imaging Department and capabilities.

The Hospital has requested an investment of $5 Million per year to invest in new and replacement priority equipment across various program areas. To learn more about each Caring Program, click below.

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