Imagine waking each morning in excruciating pain, no longer able to walk and barely able to stand.

John lived an active life . . . but then his hip started giving him trouble and it kept getting worse.  

Chronic hip pain was a daily reality for John. After 40 years in a physically demanding job, his hip joints were completely worn out. Eventually, John went for a consultation with Dr. Glynn R. Martin, Orthopedic Surgeon at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH).

John’s hip replacement surgery took place in March of this year. Hours after undergoing surgery, he took his first steps and is now walking without pain. John can finally return to doing the things he enjoys.

Hip and knee replacements are costly. A full set of surgical power tools is about $120,000 with individual components varying from $500 to $30,000.

As our population ages, there are an increasing number of patients like John – with deteriorating or damaged hips and knees. Dr. Martin and his orthopedic colleagues at CMH are providing a surgical option to many chronic pain sufferers, by replacing the joint that is causing ongoing pain and immobility.

Community donations fund equipment for CMH’s Surgical Program. Upgrades in technology and having the best tools are a vital part of being able to offer effective, high-quality care. Approximately 700 patients will receive a new hip or knee from CMH each year.

Being active and being outdoors is such a contributor to our overall health. A new hip or knee often means a person can return to gardening, hiking, golf, active play with grandchildren, or simply a day without reaching for pain medication – all things that bring us joy and allow us to participate actively in life with our loved ones.

John and Dr. Martin invite residents to make a gift to, to further the work of the CMH surgical team as they continue to reduce the number of people in our community living with chronic pain.

To read more about the Orthopedic Program at CMH click here.              

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