Order your Café du Monde 2022 Holiday Treat Box!

Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation in partnering with the wonderful Cafe Du Monde for their 2022 Holiday Treat Boxes!

You can purchase boxes here https://cafedumondecreperie.ca/ 10 percent of funds raised from treat boxes, will go to Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

There are three Holiday Treat Boxes available:

The Best Holiday Box $47:
6 meringue cookies
6 melt in your mouth cookies
6 orange zest shortbread cookies
6 ginger snap cookies
3 cranberry/apricot chocolate bark
3 chocolate chip cookies

The Gluten Free Holiday Box $28:
6 meringue cookies
1 chocolate mousse
4 chocolate covered strawberries
1 mini passion fruit cheesecake

The Greatest Christmas Tree $40:
Delicious Sugar Cookies
Pre-Built or DIY Packages

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