RBC Commits $30,000 to Continued Education for Nurses at CMH

Friday May 12th, members of the RBC team celebrated a $30,000 commitment to continued education for nurses at CMH!

During this event, RBC staff members distributed Tim cards to CMH Staff, expressing gratitude for their unwavering dedication to providing essential care to our Community.

RBC has demonstrated generosity and a profound understanding of the significance of ongoing professional development in the healthcare sector. They have recognized the vital role that continuous education plays in ensuring healthcare professionals remain knowledgeable in the latest advancements, enabling them to deliver exceptional care.

The support and commitment shown by RBC are deeply appreciated. Over the next three years, their financial pledge of $30,000 will be allocated towards advancing the education and professional growth of nurses at CMH. This long-term investment exemplifies RBC’s commitment to empowering the nursing staff at CMH in their pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement.

Thank you, RBC!

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