The Cressman Family – Helping others enjoy a full life

Connected and caring communities are created through the hard work and generosity of folks like Reg and Kate Cressman. In order to continue to have a community impact on healthcare services for years to come, the Cressmans have recently made a gift to Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation (CMHF) that will add them to a growing list of CaringFAMILY donors. Their gift was announced at a Donor Appreciation Event hosted by CMHF.

The Cressman family on the lawn of their century farmhouse in North Dumfries, Reg and Kate (centre couple) surrounded by their children.

What began as a passion to ignite hospital support in North Dumfries, has developed into the couple serving as fundraising volunteers through a successful campaign, and into Kate chairing the CMHF’s Board of Directors. She believes that supporting the hospital is “the right thing to do” and that everyone should feel this way about their community hospital.

It was important to Kate to announce their CaringFAMILY decision while she was serving on the board, as she hopes to inspire others. She is a firm believer that giving funds is an important part of a volunteer commitment. As a retired school teacher and semi-retired farmer, the Cressmans are a perfect example how most families can find a way to make giving a priority. It is a meaningful way to leave a legacy for their children while supporting local Hospital priorities that benefit everyone.

Although the Cressmans have personally benefitted from hospital services, it is witnessing close friends being cared for, that reminds them often how having access to the right equipment locally – makes such a difference.

“Normally when a neighbour needs help,” says Reg, “you pitch in with chores or make a meal. When they are ill you can help by giving, by knowing you are contributing to the best tools for their diagnosis and treatment.”

Normally when a neighbour needs help, you pitch in with chores or make a meal. When they are ill you can help by giving, by knowing you are contributing to the best tools for their diagnosis and treatment.

Reg Cressman

The Cressmans feel blessed to be a part of the Cambridge and North Dumfries community since moving here in 1970. Their giving philosophy, be it extra farm produce or funds, is to share what they have and lead by example for their children, grandchildren, and future generations. “So other families can enjoy a full life in this community, like we have,” notes Kate.

Reg is proud of Kate’s leadership with the Hospital Foundation, and is quick to step in and help educate potential donors on the government’s 0% equipment funding formula (100% is raised from the community). He presently lends his leadership to the Ayr Cemetery Board. Together, both dedicate countless volunteer hours to their church, and International Plowing Match (IPM), and the World Ploughing Contest, to name a few. 

One of Reg’s favourite proverbs is “Plant a shade tree, under which you will never sit.” Becoming a CaringFAMILY at CMH is one of the many saplings the Cressmans are planting in their community.

Plant a shade tree, under which you will never sit.

Familiar Proverb

For more information on the Hospital Foundation’s CaringFAMILY or CaringBUSINESS giving programs, or the new Legacy Circle, please email [email protected] or call 519-740-4966.

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