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CaringFAMILY Profile: David & Lori Bennett

couple standing infront of donor wall at hospital
Dave & Lori Bennett, CMHF Caring Family

“I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing my grandfather well, but my Dad always reminded us that grandad believed in helping people within our community,” says local business owner, Dave Bennett.

Dave and his wife, Lori, feel very fortunate to have earned the trust and business of their GM Dealership clients over three generations. “Cambridge has been good to us, and so has Cambridge Memorial Hospital.” Both Dave and Lori, along with their adult children, Andrew and Jillian, were born at CMH. “Likely future generations of Bennetts may be as well,” mentions Dave with a smile.

Thinking of the future reminds Lori that, like it or not, we are all getting older. Her mother is a long-term care resident with memory loss, and suffered a broken wrist during the pandemic. Lori accompanied her to CMH to have the fracture treated. “The hospital visit with mom was incredibly positive. Everything was well-orchestrated and neatly organized.” Waiting with her mom in a private room in the new wing was ideal, compared to visits years ago. Lori recalls only curtains separating patients, and stretchers in crowded hallways. “Mom’s memory condition means she is often confused, and very anxious. This was such a calm experience and the staff were so patient.”

Dave and Lori want to ensure that this first-class patient experience is similar for all who require it. A pillar of their business philosophy is to give back, a value passed along from Dave’s father and grandfather.

Seeking a way to ensure their giving would help those who have supported their business, while having an impact on health care, the Bennetts pledged a commitment to Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s capital campaign in 2013 as a CaringBUSINESS.

Dave immediately appreciated how effortless it was to have a portion of their annual charitable commitment already determined. “It simplifies life,” suggests Dave. “It provides direction for our corporate giving. By making a purposeful decision, we know exactly where our contributions are going, and can look forward to regular updates on how our donation is funding first-class care.”

In recent years, the Bennetts have extended their commitment, joining the CaringFAMILY group of donors. At 22 families and growing, this group of health care-conscious community builders is recognized in the new Emergency Waiting Area. 

Grandad’s inspiration is always guiding the Bennetts to do more, and to find other ways to support the causes they believe in. Last year they hosted a vehicle ‘Health Check’ promotion that raised an additional $11,380 for CMH. “Client promotions offer us the chance to do a little more for the community, and help to engage our staff in something we value” notes Dave.

Dave and Lori are watching the final renovations take shape at CMH, knowing their gifts contribute to having world-class medical equipment available close by. “I think my grandfather would be pleased about our investment,” says Dave thoughtfully.

To find out more about the CaringFAMILY program at CMH, major-leadership-giving or email Lisa at [email protected].

Published in Neighbours of West Galt, Clemens Mill (October 2021), and Hespeler Village (November 2021)

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