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North Dumfries Fundraising Committee surpasses original goal

And is not slowing down.

When Co-Chairs Kate Cressman and David Pyper announced their vision in 2015, to engage North Dumfries Township in fundraising for CMH, they thought a goal of $500,000 might be a stretch, but they were willing to try. They recruited a committee of about a dozen township residents and buckled down to reach their goal in five years.  

This past February, less than three years later, the North Dumfries Committee met their goal and handed over a cheque to the WeCareCMH team for $500,000. This powerhouse team is not finished yet. They promptly announced that they would continue their fundraising for the remaining two years. No one had expected such great progress in so little time. Their new target is slightly larger than $2 Million, four times their original goal and boosted by a one time gift of $1 Million from a North Dumfries resident. 

The committee’s fundraising success has involved spreading the message about how the hospital is funded (equipment being a 100% community responsibility) and partnering with other service and community groups like the Ayr-Paris Band, Ayr-Paris Lions, and Ayr Curling Club. A $100,000 investment from Township Council, as well as several Caring Business and Caring Family investments from North Dumfries residents speaks to the depth of their relationships and the generosity of their township.  

This ambitious group believes that supporting the hospital and community is the right thing to do and that everyone, including their neighbours, should feel this way.

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