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Work for a Cure

At our public launch Andy Incitti presented CMHF with a cheque for $500,000. This amount is double their initial pledge to name the Paediatric Family Waiting Area and Playroom and they still have plans to continue their fundraising.

Work for a Cure is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for those affected by cancer. Run completely by volunteers, the vision of Work for a Cure is to ‘give where they live’ and ensure that no child in our community has to battle cancer alone. 

It is fitting that the efforts of the Work for a Cure group will be recognized in our new Women & Children’s Department as it will ensure that local families in need will have a comfortable and welcoming place to heal.

Funds raised by Work for a Cure are accomplished by executing a number of annual events, and through the sponsors who support them. Work for a Cure will be honouring several major sponsors with a Patient Room in our Paediatric Department. Five of these rooms will be unveiled this coming year, and Work for a Cure has set their sights on enticing five more! 

“CMHF is so honoured to have such dedicated volunteer groups working together to see that local families have what they need when they require treatment at CMH.”

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