Mental Health & Addictions

What makes CMH’s Mental Health and Addictions Program Distinct?

Our Mental Health & Addictions Program is focused on providing timely care — emergent, acute, day hospital and outpatient psychiatry services — using a broad range of supportive and skill building evidence-based programs. We provide intensive services to a wide range of people and age groups with complex, severe and acute mental illness. Our care team aims to promote the healing and fullest recovery of every individual.

Program Highlights

We provide our Mental Health & Addictions services to the following populations in our community:

  • Child and Family (age 5 to age 17) for short-term individual and group therapies.
  • Adult Services (age 18 to 65) for short-term individual and group therapies as well as case management for the severely or persistently mentally ill.
  • Seniors’ Services (age 65+) for short-term assessment and consultation for cognitive deficits such as Dementia.

Inpatient Unit

Our 25-bed Inpatient Unit provides short-term psychiatric hospitalization to patients age 18+. Our Schedule I program provides observation, stabilization, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and discharge management for individuals experiencing acute mental health issues and concerns.

The Inpatient program’s goal is patient recovery through assessment and treatment plans offering individual and small group illness management and life skills tailored to each patient’s specific needs. We work collaboratively with our patients, community providers and primary care physicians toward the patient’s return to the community.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of a Psychiatrist, Hospitalist (in-hospital physicians), Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Clinical Coordinator, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Recreational Therapists, and Peer Navigator.

Two terraces are available to patients to access fresh air and sunshine with healing vistas of Galt Country Club or the Grand River. The Unit also includes a 5-bed Psychiatric Care Unit (PCU) to provide intensive care for those experiencing acute mental illness.

Day Hospital

The Day Hospital treats patients requiring continuing treatment and support, often as they transition from the Inpatient Unit back into the community. Individualized treatment plans based on a patient’s specific needs are developed in collaboration with our multidisciplinary team.

Individualized treatment plans offer structured therapy (individual and group based) and skills development.

Therapeutic amenities include a Physical Activity Room with treadmills, stationary bikes and other equipment, a Patient Lounge to socialize, and a Daily Living Kitchen to assess and enhance daily living skills for transition back to the community.

Community Outpatient Department

Our Outpatient program offers psychiatric support to community based patients living with severe and persistent mental illness. Programs are recovery focused and trauma informed with a patient-centered approach for improved outcomes.

Individualized programs provide short-term consultative services to transition back to primary care, and can include group therapy such as: Mindfulness Group for mood and anxiety issues; Concurrent Disorders for those dealing with both mental illness and addiction; Trauma Group; and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills.

Emergency Psychiatric Unit (EPU)

The EPU is located inside the Emergency Department and provides around-the-clock care for individuals who come to Emergency with mental health concerns or crisis. Patients are assessed and treated within this dedicated mental health unit which offers a comfortable waiting area for a patient’s family and support individuals.

Mental Health staff liaise with Emergency staff to provide immediate patient assessment and crisis management. They coordinate admissions or referrals to supports and services for the most appropriate and individualized care close to home.

Investing in Mental Health

One in five Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. We are all impacted by mental illness through a family member, friend or colleague. Mental illness can happen to anyone, and when it does CMH is here when you need us most. Below are some examples of new and replacement equipment used to provide patient care, and their associated cost.

Patient Care Partners

Emergency Department
Community, Healthcare and Social Services Partners
Social Work
Family Physicians


Wing A, Level 3
Inpatient & Day
Hospital Units

Wing A, Level 1
Emergency Psychiatric
Unit (EPU)

Wing D, Level 2
Community Outpatient
Mental Health Clinic

Staff Leaders

Chief of Psychiatry
Dr. Anjali Sharma

Director Patient Services
Rita Sharratt

Manager, Mental Health
Maureen Garner

Offering Healing and Hope to Inspire Recovery.

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