A place of welcome and warmth

In mid-winter, an elderly woman was found wandering outside in the freezing cold, unable to communicate. The confused woman was brought to CMH by ambulance.

An immediate assessment revealed that she had no memory of where she lived, or of her family. She could not recall her name, her age or any details of her life.

Eventually her name and an old address was discovered in her purse. Attempts to locate her family were futile. With no one coming forward to help her, the CMH Mental Health team cared for Mary in hospital for several months.

CMH ensured that she was warmly dressed in new pajamas, a housecoat and slippers. Toiletries were provided so she could ensure her dignity. Volunteers bought her warm blankets, magazines and colouring books to help her pass the time. Sometimes staff invited her down to Tim Hortons to enjoy a coffee and conversation.

Mary was eventually placed into long-term care, but her time at CMH was an important step in seeing that she received the right care when she needed it most.

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