Delivering care that feels like home

Monica and her husband moved from Colombia in 2012 so she could pursue her PhD in Canada. Now employed at a local university, Monica and her
husband are busy raising their young daughters.

“Both my girls were born at CMH and I think it’s an amazing place,” Monica said, adding “what I remember the most are the helpful doctors and nurses. They are my angels.”

With family far away, Monica didn’t know what to expect when she came in for her older daughter’s birth. “The nurses were simply amazing and I will never forget Rose in particular. She was there for both my girls’ deliveries and she taught me everything I needed to know. She was showing me how to care for my baby and then I started asking her tons of questions and she patiently answered them all. She was wonderful.” Her daughter needed to stay in the Special Care Nursery for close to a week due to complications.

“I knew I could sleep and rest because she was in good hands”

Monica, grateful patient

“I knew I could sleep and rest because she was in good hands” explains Monica.

After the birth of her second daughter Monica became emotional when told that she, too, would have to stay in hospital for extra care. “Her bilirubin
was very high, so she needed to stay. The nurse hugged me right away — they were just angels, and the paediatricians were great. They are good, caring people who cared for my babies and for me, as well.”

While reflecting on her daughters’ time and treatments as a newborn, Monica is sure of one thing. “I know doctors cannot do their jobs without equipment. My babies are here and healthy now because of the generosity of donors who gave, so that the tools needed to care for my children were available when the doctors and nurses needed them. We have the best people in our hospital and we should be so proud of that.”

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