Women & Children’s Department

What Makes CMH’S Women & Children’s Program distinct?

The Women & Children’s Program is specifically focused on the health and wellbeing of women, children and babies. Our multi-disciplinary team provides a range of comprehensive services that includes Labour and Delivery, Special Care Nursery, and Paediatrics including Day Surgery.

Our program also tends to the specific health needs of women beyond childbirth to include breast care, female pelvic medicine and gynecological services. Our family- centered care is designed to meet the evolving needs and diversity of families in our community.

Program Highlights

Labour and Delivery

Our Birthing Unit offers 6 expansive suites for labour, birth and recovery, each with a sleep sofa and easy-entrance washroom. Access to a comforting tub room for labour is close by.

Our midwives’ expanded scope of practice supports moms-to-be with inducement and epidural management of pain relief to assist with the anticipated 1500 babies to be welcomed this year.

Additional supports include a dedicated C-section surgical suite with specialized mom and baby recovery area.


Our expanded 15-bed postpartum unit offers moms and their babies large rooms with convertible sleeper chairs, generous natural light, kitchen facilities to prepare snacks and refreshments, and a spacious Family Lounge for visiting.

Special Care Nursery

Our 6-bed Special Care Nursery (SCN) provides babies with dedicated care from a highly skilled team of Paediatricians, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Social Workers, Pharmacists and others. Designated Level IIA provincially, we are able to care for babies as young as 32 weeks gestation. We are moving toward an expanded model of care, including non-invasive respiratory support and continuous feeds.

Our secure unit offers private rooms, an over night parent courtesy room with private washroom, and Family Lounge for family-focused care.


Brightly coloured murals and floor to ceiling windows provide comfort and playfulness for children and teens (0-17 years). Our 11-bed Inpatient unit provides a calm setting for overnight stays and pre and post surgical care.

The large Waiting and Play area offers activities, tv and video games while the Teen Lounge allows older children the ability to stay connected with friends and family through computer technology and games.

Women’s Health

Our innovative care options for female specific health issues include gynecology, urology, breast health and breast reconstruction. Many procedures offer Minimally Invasive techniques that require smaller incisions, promoting faster recovery and healing.

Our Urodynamics Clinic provides female pelvic floor medicine including the assessment and treatment of bladder issues and incontinence. We also offer specialized urogynecology surgery if recommended as the most effective treatment.

Our Ontario Breast Screening Program offers women aged 50+ self-referral mammograms and follow-up care. Younger women can also be referred on the advice of their family physician.

Investing in Women and Children’s Health

The healthiest of beginnings for babies, and wellbeing of our children is a priority for all families in our Region. Womens’ health needs, many of which are connected to childbirth and reproduction, are also highly specialized. Women and children’s specific needs require specialized equipment designed and sized just for them. Below are some examples of new and replacement equipment used to provide patient care, and their associated cost.

Patient Care Partners

Surgical Program
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Paediatric Surgery
Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Urologic Surgery

Diagnostic Imaging
MRI, CT scans, X-ray, Ultrasound

Patient testing and diagnostics


Wing A, Level 1

Wing A, Level 4
Special Care Nursery
Outpatient Clinic

Wing B, Level 1
Ontario Breast
Screening Program

Staff Leaders

Chief of OB/GYN
Dr. Kristin Wadsworth

Chief of Paediatrics
Dr. Manju Rajguru

Chief of Midwifery
Ms. Corinne Witteveen

Program Director
Irene Harding

Laura Clarke

Building a Strong Foundation for a Lifetime of Health.

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