Vera Heldmann…Front-line healthcare worker and CMH Foundation Donor.

“Not only am I passionate in my role as a front-line healthcare worker, I also take pride in being a Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation donor. When I started making donations to our hospital, I did not realize how my regular contribution would provide the hospital with an opportunity to plan and prioritize equipment needs.

As I train nurses to work with various pieces of equipment, I know that over the years my modest contribution has contributed to the purchase of this equipment and, to saving lives.

Our vision and our challenge is to provide exceptional care by exceptional people.

Help us achieve our vision. Invest in your hospital today. Make a onetime donation, become a monthly donor, or speak to someone at the Foundation about a legacy gift.

“We are in this together.” We have heard this statement a great deal lately.

This is your opportunity to make this statement come true.”

Vera HeldmannFront-line healthcare worker and Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation Donor

To learn more about Vera’s story click here.

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