Meet Dr. Glynn R. Martin, CMH Orthopedic Surgeon

Let me tell you about one of my patients – you probably know someone just like him.

John lived a busy, active life. He spent 40 years in a physically demanding job and enjoyed hiking and golfing in his spare time. But then his hip started giving him trouble … and it kept getting worse.

Eventually, John was in excruciating pain. He could no longer walk and could barely stand. That’s when he came to see me at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH).

Many years ago from observing the experiences of a family member, I witnessed the difference orthopedic surgery made in their quality of life. Seeing this dramatic improvement triggered my interest in this field.

Today, as an Orthopedic Surgeon at CMH, I understand how chronic pain can have a devastating impact on a patient’s physical and mental health. Sadly, as our population ages, many of our loved ones could face a similar situation as John.

I’m writing to you today because your help is needed. Hospital equipment, including the specialized tools we need for orthopedic surgeries like hip and knee replacements, is very costly.

You are considered a great friend to the hospital through your ongoing support, and I’m very grateful.

Can I ask you to donate again today to help fund new and replacement equipment to enhance the quality of care for all patients at CMH?

Having the right tools is a vital part of being able to offer effective, high-quality care. As we work endlessly to make up for lost time due to the pandemic, we need to upgrade equipment to perform these and other types of orthopedic surgeries. 

Your donations allow our team to streamline surgeries and help more people in a timely manner. The end result will be fewer people in our community living with chronic pain.  

John’s hip replacement surgery took place on March 1st of this year. He has benefited directly from your generosity – within hours after undergoing hip surgery, he took his first steps and is now walking without pain. John can finally go back to doing the things that he loves. You helped provide him with a better quality of life.

On behalf of my fellow orthopedic surgeons here at CMH and our many patients, thank you for your kindness. Please donate today to support exceptional healthcare here in our community.  

With gratitude,

Dr. Glynn R. Martin
Orthopedic Surgeon
Cambridge Memorial Hospital

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