I was covered in mud and sitting at the back of a school bus when I heard a story I’d never forget...

My colleagues and I had entered a mud sport event in Hamilton. While on the bus travelling back to our cars, a woman seated near us inquired if we were indeed from CMH. 

She then revealed something that left us speechless and profoundly moved. 

Our fellow passenger explained that her mother had been in end-of-life care at our Hospital, and during that difficult time, our nurses, personal support workers and others involved in her mother’s care had made an incredible difference.  

Her care team discovered that singing to her brought comfort and most importantly calmness. 

They did this on their own initiative. In her heartfelt and deeply personal testimony, she shared how her mother, often very agitated and frightened, finally found solace and tranquility during her stay.  I could almost picture the difference this small gesture might have made to a member of my own family, if in a similar situation. 

This daughter’s decision to share her unsolicited and genuine account with us was a reminder of the profound impact we have on the lives of those we serve.  

Our Foundation exists to inspire investment in our Hospital and this story inspired all of us on the bus that day. Your support makes obtaining a new MRI for our community one step closer to being a reality. Imagine the number of lives changed and saved, and the value it will bring to patients and families.  

Please choose to support CMH with a donation for a light, a string of lights, or any amount.

Let’s make this 35th year of Trees of Caring, the year that we raise more than we ever have, so that our Community’s new MRI becomes a reality. I know we can do this… together! 

Lisa Short

Executive Director

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