Excellent Community Care As Inspiration

“Cambridge Memorial is a comfort zone for taking care of our regular health issues, and when we have anything more they tell us, and provide the care we need.
I suppose it’s strange to say that Bob and I are lucky to have visited this hospital many, many times, but that’s how we feel. We’re never happy about why we need to come here, but the truth is that coming here has been such a positive experience that it really makes dealing with whatever we’re dealing with that much better.

Bob has been diagnosed with five different kinds of cancer over our many years coming to the hospital. The professional team is always so careful to check on every little detail, and I think that’s part of why I still have Bob today.

Bob had been coughing terribly one day, and I was worried that he was going to have another heart attack. He’d already had a flatline heart attack back in ’91. This time, it wasn’t a heart attack, but when we got to the hospital, they did a scan, and yes, he had 3 broken ribs from the coughing. But that wasn’t the worst of it.
The doctor sent him to his urologist because of something he’d seen on the scan, and sure enough it turned out to be bladder cancer. Bob isn’t the only one who has benefited from the excellent care here. I’m bionic! I’ve had two hips and one knee replaced at Cambridge Memorial. With everything this hospital has done for us, we wanted to know that somehow someone will be helped to achieve better health by whatever equipment our legacy gift will purchase. That seemed like the best reason for doing it.

We’ve talked to our family about it, and they’re all very supportive. We all want to know that this hospital will continue on with a little help from us!”

Bob and Donna Wall Community volunteers and donors Legacy Donor

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