February Appeal: Update from Patrick Gaskin

Imagine being wheeled into an operating room, only to discover there is no surgical table. Or perhaps you show up for an X-ray, only to find the room empty.

This might be hard to imagine, but we couldn’t provide patient care at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) without equipment and we wouldn’t have equipment without you.

100% of our equipment is funded by incredible donors like you. Without you, we’d have a building but not a hospital. The care offered at Cambridge Memorial Hospital is only possible because of your support.

To our donors, thank you for touching the lives of every patient who comes through our doors. The care offered at Cambridge Memorial Hospital is only possible because of your previous support.

Will you start the new year off strong by renewing your support today? Every donation goes a long way to offering comfort, healing and the very best care to our patients.

Or consider becoming a monthly donor, to help us respond to urgent needs whenever they arise.

Despite the pressures of the pandemic, I’ve been astonished at how much we’ve accomplished together in the past year. Dr. Nuri, Infectious Disease Specialist, and the CMH team are constantly striving to provide exceptional care to our community.

Your support enabled us to accept patients from all over the GTA during surges in COVID-19 cases. During this difficult time, I received a note from a family member thanking the CMH team and sharing appreciation for our follow-up regarding their loved one.

You were also there for us when we stepped in to manage a local long-term care home. Thank you for helping our most vulnerable community members stay safe and healthy.

What stands out most to me is that you kept healthcare in our community moving forward, even during these challenging times. In the past year, we added additional beds, opened our new regional Liver Health Clinic, hired wellness and inclusion specialists, and established new partnerships to ensure you and your family continue to get specialized care close to home.

I’m very excited about the renovations now taking place in Wing B. As our community grows and ages, we urgently need updated facilities and more space. By helping us equip patient rooms to meet new infection control standards, you’ll give families peace of mind as well as privacy for difficult conversations. When all is complete, Wing B will serve patients in our new medicine, surgery and rehabilitation units.

Here is our 2022 Impact Report where your can see how your donation directly impacts patient care.

Thank you again for your commitment to our community Hospital. You make a world of difference to each of our patients and those who care for them.


Patrick Gaskin, President and CEO

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