Hope and Recovery Close to Home

Mental illness can be experienced by anyone, and when it does, the team at Cambridge Memorial Hospital offers patients hope and recovery.

The pandemic has placed a spotlight on the importance of our mental health. The reduction in social contact this past year and the uncertainty of pandemic living, has placed greater demand on local services for mental health support and treatment.

Mental illness is pervasive. It can impact any of us and affect a family member, friend or colleague. Issues with mental health and addiction cause more productive days lost versus all other illnesses combined, including cardiovascular, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people struggling with mental health or addiction issues remain undiagnosed and left untreated. Seeking help is the first step towards hope and recovery.

“Our experienced team offers effective, proven care in a respectful environment. We all want to live our best lives. CMH is helping patients in our community to do just that,” says Dr. Anjali Sharma, Chief of Mental Health.

CMH’s Mental Health & Addictions Program focuses on providing timely care while offering a broad range of supportive and skill building evidence-based programs. Caring staff provide intensive services to a wide range of people and age groups with complex, severe and acute mental illness.

With incredible timing, Cambridge Memorial Hospital opened the new mental health floor in January 2020. The 3rd level of Wing A is home to the In-Patient Program (overnight care), Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Day Hospital (transition program). Therapeutic amenities in this new space include a physical activity room with treadmills, stationary bikes, and gym equipment, a patient lounge, and two terraces that allow patients supervised access to fresh air and sunshine, with healing views of the Grand River.

To complement CMH’s mental health services an Emergency Psychiatric Unit is located within the new Emergency Department, and Community Out-Patient clinics are located in Wing D. No matter where in hospital a patient accesses this service, the mental health care team always aims to promote the healing and fullest recovery of every individual.

If you or a loved one is seeking support for mental health or addictions, please reach out at any time to https://here247.ca or 519-821-3582, to reach Addictions, Mental Health & Crisis Services Waterloo – Wellington.

Mental Health & Addictions is one of CMHF’s Caring Programs.

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