New State of the Art Operating Rooms are Officially Open and in Use.

It’s official!

Our new ORs are now operational. Long-time RN Betty Andrews did the honours of cutting the ribbon at 0730h this morning, before the first case was performed.

The hospital is currently providing urgent and emergency surgeries at this time. We are also preparing for a coordinated, region-wide ramp up of certain elective surgeries. We will be ready for our community once we get the go ahead!

Thank you to our generous community for making this possible.

Check out the video below for some behind the scene footage.[0]=68.ARChd5FDvWLDB9eltCXzkcx9EST5vV5grRPyscM1_MkLQ18WmxpU8yQVZ47Aw8bSIieYSMkZdlO8qZ5eUo1tFX4mNkC0OxrPII7EOW-0APmGv-R7z8fJw9o3CiA9Mg9KLCh2sO62P9FUqQoIxCtXzhEEApRvum7WKVwfR6leSwl2N-A0ptEhZeBgfq9kQyA4qYpQgGpytAZl10Y0sey0X4E6wUPqH9HqPbfZ78MLbxGCtxZx_Amu0KU_lgV6fVZkpMirbre8ACHqywmrLKbC1R6fV6NQBeqV2xyBgVKTBG2-mHJ0KzZi5qQ7Nn0wKkC_AVb8-lCnaL4EYnkYuau78d_9M4QbseWQXWYScOlnsYpeuFoZRF0RYpsYaVXGqQCq5iLC
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