May 1 and May 2 delivery.

Support CMH with a beautiful arrangement through Intricate Arrangements! Send some love to someone special, or bring home a bouquet for yourself and embrace the Spring weather.

In celebration of April’s organ donation month, these bouquets will spread awareness for the joy of this unique gift to a person's life! Partial proceeds from each bouquet will be donated to Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Due to supply issues throughout the industry flowers are subject to change but will always keep to the feel and look of the original bouquet.

Local delivery is included.

A note from Ashlee…

“I have a strong connection to organ donation; I haven’t personally needed a transplant myself, but have been there when the people I loved dearly needed one.Kayla Baker started a marathon while waiting for her double lung transplant and brought awareness to the City of Cambridge through her campaign of New Lungs for Kayla. She was my best friend and I miss her with every bit of my being. A few years ago, my grandfather received a kidney transplant that gave us the opportunity to create more family memories. Two years ago, my family grieved the loss of my baby cousin, for reasons unknown her liver began to fail, and she needed a transplant within hours of her arrival to Toronto Sick kids. Thankfully, my aunt who received a liver transplant, has recovered well and is staying safe during this time. These are the people and my reasons as to why I have created this bouquet. It honours their stories and celebrates their lives lived. My hope is that I can spread awareness about organ donation to the people in my community.”

Proceeds from each floral arrangement will be donated to Diagnostic Services at CMH.

As the backbone that supports patient care in all other programs at CMH our Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Department plays a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. With a growing group of radiologists, pathologists, and technologists, we utilize a wide range of high-tech equipment such as Analysers, MRIs, CT Scans, Ultrasound, Microscopes, X-rays, and Nuclear Medicine to image, analyze, assess, consult, diagnose and treat a wide variety of health issues. Access to the latest equipment that provides the best image clarity and accuracy is a necessity for our high-demand and busy Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services Programs.

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